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Inheritance issues

Careful succession planning and professional support to protect your rights

We understand that inheritance processes can be emotionally and legally complex, but we can help you plan and manage these issues because we understand the regulations and procedures related to inheritance. 

​ We assist with estate planning by drafting wills, estate management strategies,  spousal agreements and other documents to ensure that your legacy wishes are properly respected.

​Our services in inheritance matters include:

  • Estate Planning - We help you create a clear and effective estate plan that meets your wishes and goals. We make recommendations on the distribution of property, assess the tax consequences and take the necessary measures to protect your rights and interests.

  • Management of the inheritance process - We provide professional representation in the inheritance process. We will work to prevent disputes and conflicts and help to find an agreement between the members of the estate in an effort to achieve an efficient and peaceful conclusion of the estate process, protecting your rights and ensuring the active management of the estate in accordance with the law.

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services - When disputes or uncertainties arise regarding inheritance, we offer legal representation and solutions in court,  developing effective strategies to protect your rights and achieve a fair and just inheritance outcome.


Our office pays special attention to each client and takes care of their individual needs. We provide reliable, confidential and professional inheritance legal support so you can enjoy life with peace of mind.

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