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Resolution of disputes between shareholders and employees

Resolution of disputes between shareholders and participants - legal support in any conflict

Our office offers specialized support in resolving disputes between shareholders and employees. We understand that such situations can affect the stability of the company's operations and relationships, so we will provide you with comprehensive and rational support to resolve these disputes and achieve peace and harmony.

​Resolving shareholder and employee disputes: Our experience will help you resolve shareholder or employee disputes that may arise during the operation of the company. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your situation, develop an effective strategy and advise you on how to protect your rights and interests. Using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (including mediation), we will reach a constructive agreement between the parties to the dispute.

Resolution of labor relations disputes: We will help you with the resolution of issues related to labor relations, conflict analysis, up to dispute mediation and representation in courts - we will resolve labor relations disputes rationally and fairly. Our goal is to provide a work environment that promotes collaboration and productivity, protecting the interests of both employees and the company.

​The team of the office will address your specific needs and provide creative and effective solutions based on in-depth understanding of legislation and business practices. We work to bring peace and stability to your company, fostering sustainable relationships and success.

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