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Dace Valds

Attorney at Law


Dace Valds is a sworn advocate holding a master's degree in legal sciences. Her professional focus lies in providing legal assistance in resolving disputes in civil and administrative matters. Dace also specializes in commercial law, contract law, property rights, family law, and offering legal aid in insolvency processes.

Since 2023, Dace has been practicing as a sworn advocate at the law firm A. Kazačkovs and Partners, SIA, where she continues to provide high-level legal support. Previously, starting from 2010, she worked as an independent sworn advocate. From 2007 to 2017, Dace served as an insolvency process administrator, showcasing her extensive experience and skill in handling legal matters.

Dace Valds earned her professional master's degree in legal sciences from Turība Business School in 2006, and a professional bachelor's degree in legal sciences from the same institution in 2005. With her rich education and experience, she ensures clients receive competent and reliable legal assistance across various legal domains.

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