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Aleksandrs Kazackovs

Founder, managing partner

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Aleksandrs Kazachkovs is a legal services professional with extensive experience and excellent management skills. His professional abilities and experience include various legal areas, including business consulting, crisis management,  corporate governance, insolvency proceedings,  as well as real estate issues.

Aleksandrs has gained rich experience in the transformation processes of companies, which is one of his strongest competencies. He provides clients with effective and high-quality legal representation and consultation in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

​Thanks to his rich experience, Aleksandrs has successfully resolved disputes and ensured favorable results for his clients. He has acquired extensive knowledge and skills in commercial law, liability law, as well as family law. This knowledge and experience has allowed him to effectively represent clients in various lawsuits and provide professional legal support.

​His long-term work experience and successful results in the field of litigation show his ability to develop strategies, analyze the facts of cases, resolve disputes and provide the best legal solutions to his clients. Clients can fully rely on his competence, knowledge and skills in managing legal proceedings.

He has also conducted business management training and has been a speaker at various international conferences. Aleksandrs has been a member of the Disciplinary Commission of the Latvian Bar Association for more than six years and has headed the Commission of Amendments to the Legal Acts of the Bar.

​Aleksandrs has considerable education and academic knowledge, which forms a strong  basis for his professional path. He has obtained a professional bachelor's degree in law at the University of Latvia, he continued his higher education by obtaining a professional master's degree in law at the Business School "Turība". In 2020, Alexanders graduated from the Swiss University IMD (International Institute for Management Development)  Executive MBA program in business management, which is one of the top 3 programs in the world. This education gives him in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of management, enabling him to solve complex business problems and find strategic solutions for his clients.

He has also participated in several specialized trainings that have enhanced his knowledge and skills in the legal and management fields. His educational background is strong and provides the ability to work with complex legal issues and provide legal and consulting services to his clients.

​Aleksandrs has excellent language skills in Latvian, Russian and English, which enable him to communicate effectively at different levels.

He is a creative thinker with the ability to solve non-standard situations and successfully lead teams.

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